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What is the McHenry Avenue Corridor Improvements Project?

The McHenry Avenue Corridor Improvements project will enhance safety, inter-regional traffic circulation, and air quality. The improvements will include:

  • 1.1 miles of widening along McHenry Avenue from 1,487 feet south of River Road to 190 feet south of Jones Road.
  • Stanislaus River and SSJID Canal Bridges will be replaced with wider and safer bridges, satisfying current seismic design standards.
  • Installation of a two-way left turn center lane to facilitate turns into and out of driveways on McHenry Avenue.
  • Increased width of roadway shoulders to accommodate alternative travel modes, including bicyclists.
  • Installation of a traffic signal on McHenry Avenue and River Road that will accommodate existing and future traffic demands.

How long will it take for this project to be constructed?

Construction is scheduled to begin in April of 2017 and is expected to be completed by mid-2020.

When will construction take place?

The majority of construction activities will take place weekdays during the daytime, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. There may be times when construction will take place at night. Sign up for project updates to be notified when nighttime work will take place.

Will McHenry Avenue close at any point during construction?

No. At least one lane of McHenry Avenue will remain open throughout construction. Traffic control will be in place to direct vehicles during construction.

Can I expect traffic delays during construction?

Yes. Community members can expect delays on McHenry Avenue corridor during peak traffic periods. Visit the Traffic Information page for the most recent traffic updates and sign up to receive real-time traffic alerts.

Will businesses near the project area remain open during construction?

Yes. All of the businesses near the project area will remain open and accessible throughout construction.

How can I stay updated about the project and construction activities that may impact me?

There are multiple ways for community members to stay updated throughout the project. You can call or email any questions you may have to the project hotline or email address, and you can sign up for email updates and text message alerts. Learn more by visiting the Stay Informed page.